Local stories from the area


Blog page of interesting stories from the area. We want to share with you some news and moments. Either funny, spectacular or somehow appealing. Captured with a camera by us or by our guests. We hope you will enjoy our blog posts. Feel free to write a comment or drop us a line regarding our blog via Contact Form. Alternatively, you can find more info and images on our Facebook & Instagram. Hope, you will experience similar moments with us in near future. Surf Atlantic team.

Post Corona Holiday

A lot of us had travel plans, which unfortunately had to be canceled due to the coronavirus. Here in Portugal, we are at the end of the first week of easing restrictions. In general, I think the information from the reports that are produced is … READ MORE

Climbing Trip

First of all, I have to say, our rock climbing trip wasn’t planned. Quite opposite. It started so spontaneously. “Let’s go there and let’s go there now”. We had no information about the area or climbing itself. Because of that, our trip did not start … READ MORE

Peniche Food Market

Visiting Peniche is not complete without a trip to its town food market. It allows you to get the feel and the vibe of the place while offering you an avenue to soak up the local culture. It somehow has the power to transport you … READ MORE

New Furniture Items

We are trying to add or change new furniture in the house. To make our place more comfortable for you. One of the new furniture pieces are wooden tables. Handcrafted by local ladies from rather local wood. The wood used is almost always found on the … READ MORE

Vacation Video

An awesome surf vacation video by Agané team. Video showing their journey from home to Spain and later to Portugal. They were enjoying their holiday while staying in our rental place last October. I will borrow their own words: “When snow on the mountains is … READ MORE