Welcome to the best European surf destination – Peniche surf area!

Peniche surf spots are considered the best in Europe due to its great consistency and variety. The irregular shape of coastline means it has spots facing in most directions. Surf is on almost every day of the year regardless of the swell and wind direction. There are more than twenty spots nearby. Variety of beach breaks, point breaks and reefs, offering conditions for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers.

Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

Perfect beach break for beginners and intermediates. Most consistent in Peniche all year around, especially during the summer. Many lefts and right-hand peaks, working at different times.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

This is a long beach to the north of Baleal. It has many surf spots and it works when the waves are smaller in Baleal area. It is a left and a right peak with a sand bottom ideal for all levels of surfers.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

Very consistent beach with right and left-hand peaks along the shore. Strong, short and long waves and sometimes tubular. It is a big beach and you can find a spot to surf alone.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

Quality right-hand pointbreak with long walls and the occasional tube, when the wind is offshore. Slower at the beginning, but gets faster on the inside. Rocky bottom, lots of urchins, tricky access.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

World-class beach break. Long, heavy tubes. It can be surfed in all tide conditions. The main A-frame peak delivers a fast left-hander, while the right-hander is shorter, intense experience.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

There are very consistent waves, good for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Prainha has right and left hand waves. There is a sandy bottom, but be careful about few stones in the middle of the beach.



Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

Quality, long left-hand reef break. Steep take-off, then mellow ride with many turns. Be aware of a shallow reef at low tide.

Molho Leste


Peniche Surf Surf Atlantic

A powerful, hollow world class righthander wedge for experienced surfers. Vertical take-off, after that fast walls or barrels. It is the most localised spot, so respect the locals.

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Peniche Surf Tips & Weather

The climate in this part of Portugal is very pleasant all year round. Peniche & Peniche surf spots are in the middle of the country. Stuck between the dry Algarve and the damp regions north of Porto. The winter season starts in November and last until March, but still with mild temperatures. The best climate occurs during a change over seasons. The Nortada (north winds) always cool things down. A light 2mm or 3/2mm steamer will do a job, except in winter months when 4/3mm is a better option. There are no major hazards near or at any Peniche surf spots apart from obvious rocks and some spots with urchins…and a bit of localism here and there. The stink of fish being processed in the factory near Supertubos can be as heavy as the wave. You can check Peniche surf forecast or even live video camera to choose your next spot for surf session.